Mr Poppett Said A Rented Property Was Defaced Twice, On July 3, And July 7.

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Kieron Wright, 23, used black paint to daub slogans onto the wall of a house in Hylton Road, and the nearby Railway Tavern pub, Sunderland magistrates heard. There is no suggestion that either of the premises were targeted in any way, or racially motivated in any way. Mr Wright has taken it upon himself to write on them in black paint Lee Poppett, prosecuting The court was told the properties were randomly selected, and had nothing to do with what was written on them. Prosecutor Lee Poppett said: This case concerns three offences of graffiti, for want of a better term. Mr Poppett said a rented property was defaced twice, on July 3, and July 7. And on July 4, he repeated the offence on an outside wall of the Railway Tavern. Mr Poppett added: There is no suggestion that either of the premises were targeted in any way, or racially motivated in any way. Mr Wright has taken it upon himself to write on them in black paint. He was identified from CCTV footage and when police searched his house, they found a small amount of cannabis bush. Wright, of Rosedale Street, Sunderland, admitted three counts of criminal damage, possession of cannabis, and breaching two conditional discharges. He has 33 previous convictions for a total of 47 offences, five of which were criminal damage.

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